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Become an Owner/Operator at GO!

Posted October 18, 2016

OWNER/OPERATOR Opportunity Breakdown

As an Owner/Operator, you sign an agreement to use our name, operating systems and procedures, displays, and products. We essentially provide you with a “business in a box,” and we seek Partners to run the business for us. We want store owners!

What’s great about this partnership is that GO! Calendars, Games & Toys takes care of the major headaches for you on the back end, so you can focus on increasing profit and driving sales on the front end. We work hard all off-season to ensure the holiday season is successful for our Partners.  

We take care of everything having to do with your space: mall contracts/lease agreements, Rent, telephone service, maintenance, inspections, etc. We cover what it takes to start your Business and keep it going: Local/County/State Licenses, Business Permits, Registers, ALL Freight Costs, Signage, Help Desk/Support Departments, etc.


Real Estate works on getting the best Lease available. Our Real Estate team has a trusted and valued relationship with the developers. Our 20 year mall presence has given us priority in the seasonal and/or “pop-up” store market. As our Partner, we realize you are the eyes and ears, working at the malls and with mall management daily.  We value your input, expertise, and opinion as to what the best space will be. Real Estate might reach out to you to determine what YOU think will be the most profitable situation for you and this partnership.

Initial Shipment & Store Build

The “business in a box” arrives to your mall, ready to go. You will receive all things essential to building and running your store in ONE initial shipment. The Fixtures, Register, and Product all arrive with your initial shipment. All you have to do is unload and build the store! We give you all the materials, instructions, and a 24-hour support team, to facilitate and ensure a successful store build. You are responsible for finding a crew to build, run, and, eventually, pack-up/take down the store. The “business in a box” is then packed up and shipped out at the end of the season, leaving you with nothing to take care of in the off-season. We take care of it all for you.


You do not pay for the product upfront. You pay for your product as you sell it. You are also not responsible for any of the unsold product at the end of the season.  We'll credit you for every product that you don't sell, provided you return the products to us as instructed and in compliance with your agreement. The unsold product is either donated, sent back to us, or thrown out. Either way, you do not have to worry about the unsold product.



You are responsible for shrinkage and inventory, but you have a lot of help, namely your cash register. Here's how it works: At the beginning of the season, we'll ship you a select mix of product. Each evening when you close out, the cash register tells us which and how many products you sold that day. We'll replenish your sold-out inventory from that data.

*    Average Store Shrink = 2% of Sales

     * We historically cover about ½ of your shrink – varies depending on the Market Trend for that particular season. You are responsible for what we do not cover.

Initial Investment

You take care of Labor (store build and running the store) & Workers Compensation.

WE take care of your other Expenses (Fixtures, Lighting, Registers, ALL Freight Costs, Signage, Help Desk/Support Departments, Local/County/State Licenses, Utilities, Rent, Telephone reimbursements)

The following is the initial investment (all of which is REFUNDABLE or used as SHRINK CREDIT):

*  $1500 Deposit (refundable) – per mall, $750 for additional concepts in that mall -- REFUNDABLE at reconciliation

* $1000 Fixture Rental Fee (per store) – Used as a Shrink (stolen merchandise) allowance.

**We offer the option to forgo the initial investment upfront. Instead, you would pay it out in 2 installments after your store opens, during the peak of the Holiday Season when sales are high.

How do you earn your money?

Basically, you operate as a retailer who receives a wholesale discount off the retail price (the sales price) of merchandise that you "buy" from us. Each time you make a sale, you essentially buy that product and earn the difference between the retail amount you collect and the wholesale price you pay. Each night, you prepare and make a bank deposit from the day's sales. The following day we automatically remove our share of the sales (your wholesale cost). Leaving both your earnings and the sales tax you owe in the account.

*    Average Operator Share of the Net Sales = 16%

      * Keep in mind your sales tax will not be taken out of your Operator Share. We cover the sales tax. For example, if the sales tax is 5% in your State, you would receive 21% all together, but you would be responsible for filing/paying the sales tax in that State. 

*    Average Season Length is from October to January – we have stores opening as early as August to as late as mid-November. The number of days open for each store varies. It depends on sales, the store concept/size, and our lease agreement. 

Contact Information

Valerie Bittner
Phone: 512. 369. 6119
Fax: 877. 868. 8060